Questions or Comments?

Feel free to send me a message. I am available for commissions as well as for shows. I always love to hear what viewers think of my work and I look forward to hearing from you. 

  • My Background

    I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't draw or paint. My first medium was water-colour and I enjoyed the meditative side to this creative process. Getting out of my head and into a paint brush was healing to me. I continued to explore this artistic side of myself but it wasn't until I moved to the West Coast of Canada that I truly allowed my passion to come to life. 

  • My Medium

    I use many different mediums, such as ink, sharpies, water-colour and acrylic . I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style

  • My Inspiration

    My inspiration comes from my Yoga! My background as a yoga teacher allows me to find inspirations in my meditations and contemplations. The more silent I get, the more I can hear my heart's true calling. The mandala patterns start in my mind but the creation happens on paper and it evolves into a meditative flow.

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